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PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera Driver

Pentax K-r mid-level DSLR announced with brief hands-on Pentax K-r MP Digital SLR Camera with Inch LCD and mm f/ and mm  Body type‎: ‎Compact SLR. The new Pentax K-r DSLR reminds me in some important ways of my first 35mm SLR, an old, basic Mamiya. The K-r is an interesting camera. Pentax K-r MP Digital SLR Camera with Inch LCD and mm f/ and mm f/ Lenses (Black). In stock.

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PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera Driver

The slight lip along the left hand end of the front panel is a very nice touch, making for a much more reassuring two-handed hold while chimping, browsing menus, or shooting in live view mode, PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera the short protrusion beyond the lens mount.

Pentax K-r Review

My only real complaint with body design was that I found the four-way controller pad a little to close to the bottom right corner of the camera body, making it somewhat uncomfortable to reach without changing my grip. That's in part because I have very large hands, and it's also a necessary compromise in keeping the K-r's body size down. It also took me a little while to get used to the differing placement of the Green button, and I'd like to see Pentax standardize this -- the PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera location of the K-5 and K-7 feels more intuitive.

My time with the K-r also reminded me of why I prefer cameras with separate front and rear e-dials, rather than the single-dial design typical of most consumer DSLRs, particularly in playback mode and menus, where Pentax's flagship cameras cleverly let PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera switch between images while retaining playback zoom, and jump directly between menu tab groups. Otherwise, I was PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera happy with the control layout on the Pentax K-r, though -- it's approachable, easy to use, and packs in enough controls that you need spent relatively little time in the menu system.

Given that the K-r retains that sensor design with only relatively minor tweaks, its not surprising that I found its image quality similarly pleasing. You may have noticed that I said I considered buying a K-x.

Pentax K-r Review and Specs

I never actually did so, and the reason PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera that was its lack of PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera viewfinder indication of autofocus point selection, either when allowing the camera to select the point automatically, or when doing so manually. With automatic selection, the only way to tell for sure which AF point s had achieved a lock was to look at the image on your computer, using software capable of identifying the AF point info from the EXIF headers.

PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera Download Drivers

For manual mode, selecting the AF point meant removing your eye from the viewfinder, so you could make your selection on the rear panel LCD, making it hard to quickly select the correct point for spontaneous shots. It's something for which we came PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera quite hard on the K-x, and so I was thrilled to discover that Pentax had rectified this on the K-r. Active AF points briefly illuminate PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera a little red square or for the left- and rightmost points, a vertical rectanglejust like they do in Pentax's flagship cameras.

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The ability to select the AF point without taking my eye from the viewfinder made it much easier to manually select a focus point while framing a moving subject, such as my hyperactive two year old, where previously I'd have basically been forced to rely on auto point selection for spontaneous shots. Another reason I'd eventually decided against buying a PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera body to accompany my K-7 was its choice of power source.

I own surprisingly few AA-powered devices these days. Almost all of my current gadgets have built-in batteries or removable ones that charge in the device, and a few have their own dedicated charges.

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I have to say, I prefer these PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera, as they're far smaller than my 4 x AA battery chargers, and don't require "wall warts". It doesn't hurt that the proprietary packs generally have much higher energy densities than their AA rivals, both in terms of size and weight. And as I noted when I reviewed the K-x, I find AA batteries fiddly to replace when in a rush, especially in poor ambient light.

PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera 64x

The K-r's stock lithium ion battery pack is hence a significant PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera in my book, but I understand not everybody feels the same way. I'm glad to see Pentax still catering for these individuals, as for some years now they've been the only DSLR manufacturer to do so barring those offering AA compatibility via bulky external portrait grips, of course.

After the launch of the K-r, I heard from several Pentaxians who PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera AAs, and who felt the battery holder design to be a step backwards. To me, though, the change is an upgrade for AA shooters too.

Pentax K-r Review Photography Blog

The holder is very light: What it lets you do, though, is replace PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera batteries en masse. Instead of having to fumble to figure out what's the right way around, flip them about, drop a couple, pick them back up, then slot in four batteries one at a time, you can simply pre-load the battery holders.

Buy two or three holders, pop the spares in your camera bag ready-loaded, and hey presto, you get the convenience of a single proprietary pack, while PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera anything else for which you favor AAs. When I reviewed the earlier K-x model, I said that one of my favorite features was its burst shooting speed. The K-r kicks things up a notch, and is now not only one of the fastest cameras in its class, but also bests Pentax's previous flagship model, as well.

In fact, it's not that terribly far off the speed of the company's current flagship. Fast burst shooting tends to be thought of as a pro or prosumer feature, but I think for spontaneous shots of kids and pets, many consumers could likely improve their results simply by rattling off a quick burst, and then immediately deleting all but the one or two frames they're happy PENTAX K-R DSLR Camera.

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