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Conceptronic CNETCAM IP Camera Driver

Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Conceptronic CNETCAM User Manual. Using The (wireless) Ip Camera Through The Ipview Se Utility Use our free wizard to generate a Conceptronic IP camera URL for streaming video. Conceptronic CNETCAM Datasheet Conceptronic Network (IP) Camera This Network (IP) camera is ideal for remote monitoring different spaces, at home.


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Conceptronic CNETCAM IP Camera Driver

The user can define the time interval to Send E-mail.

You can enter the needed settings in the screen below: Mail Server IP or name from your Provider. E-Mail Address of sender.

To make this work, you need to Conceptronic CNETCAM IP Camera the next steps: Add the Code to your Website The following code needs to be added to the website which will show the Wireless Internet Camera: Frequently Asked Questions 9. It is different from the conventional PC Camera, the Wireless Internet Camera is an all-in-one system with built-in CPU and web-based solutions providing a low cost Conceptronic CNETCAM IP Camera that can transmit Can the Wireless Internet Camera be installed and work if a firewall exists on the network?


If a firewall exists on the network, port 80 is open for ordinary data communication. Page 37 a different subnet than your workstation, you will not be able to set the IP address from this workstation.

Conceptronic CNETCAM User Manual

To verify make sure the first 3 sections of the IP Conceptronic CNETCAM IP Camera of the Wireless Internet Camera corresponds to the first 3 sections of the workstation. Applying only 16 or colors on your computer will produce dithering artifacts in the image.

The configuration on the Wireless Internet Camera image display is incorrect. When operation is required in glaring light environment, it is recommended to use an iris Conceptronic CNETCAM IP Camera. The Internet Camera is designed for indoor usage and if your application requires prolong exposure to sunlight, a sun visor is recommended to protect the Internet Camera. Glossary Of Terms Conceptronic CNETCAM IP Camera. It offers transmissions speeds at up to 54 Mbps in the 2. Page 41 the task for network administrators because the software keeps track of IP addresses ra ther than requiring an administrator to manage the task.

This means a new computer can be added to a network without the hassle of manually assigning it a unique IP address.

Conceptronic CNETCAM Manuals

DHCP allows the specification Conceptronic CNETCAM IP Camera the service provided by a router, gateway, or other network device that automatically assigns an IP address to any device that requests one Page 42 hexadecimal digits. It is easier for humans to read hexadecimal numbers than binary numbers. Intranet This is a private network, inside an organization or company, that uses the same software you will find on the public Internet. UserClick the User item in the left column to display the user s information.

Click Configuration in the top menu barand the configuration window will appear as below: SystemClick the System item in the left column to setup the basic configuration of yourcamera. This field is used to Conceptronic CNETCAM IP Camera a descriptive name for the device. Page 11 - LED Control: It is highly recommended to setthe Admin ID andAdmin Password as soon as possible to enable securityoption for the Wireless Internet Camera to function. This option allows user to setup the LED illumination asdesired. This feature provides the flexibility whensurveillance activity is ON.

There are three options asfollows: Page 12 Click the Wireless item in the left column to setup the wireless LAN configuration ofyour camera. Use this option to determine the type of wirelesscommunication for your camera. There are two choices of Infrastructure mode Conceptronic CNETCAM IP Camera Ad-Hocmode. The default setting is Infrastructure.

Select the appropriate channel from the list provideddepending on the regulatory region where the unit is sold. The default setting is at channel Select the data transmit rate from this pull-down menu. Thedefault setting is Fully Automatic.


Wireless network communications can beintercepted easily. This field provides your with three options to select the IPAddress Mode: The default settings are: IP Address — The default port for communication is via port 80, and youcan change it according to your Conceptronic CNETCAM IP Camera configuration.


SelectEnable from the option and enter the desired port number inthe following box. UPnP is the architecture for pervasive peer-to-peer networkconnectivity of intelligent appliances, wireless devices, andPCs of all form factors.


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