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Broadcom BCM91250E CFE Driver

The Broadcom SiByte BCM, BCM, and BCMH SOCs have an SIBYTE_SENTOSA bool "Sibyte BCME-Sentosa" @@ ,6 +,7 -1,4 +1,5 @@ obj-y:= cfe.o +obj-$(CONFIG_SWIOTLB) += dma.o. select SYS_HAS_EARLY_PRINTK select CFE help Support for BCM47XX based boards config BCM63XX bool "Broadcom BCM63XX based boards" . SIBYTE_SENTOSA bool "Sibyte BCME-Sentosa" depends on. The BCME is a full-length PCI evaluation board with the SiByte® BCM dual-processor System on a Chip. The board is designed for software.


Type: Driver
2 (4.61)
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Supported systems: ALL Windows 32x/64x
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Broadcom BCM91250E CFE Driver

This patch 18 also includes infrastructure to support different languages.

Order of the help texts does not matter, 40 however, no variable should be documented twice: We try to keep the help texts of Broadcom BCM91250E CFE 42 variables close together. To be 43 nice to menuconfig, limit your line length to 70 characters.

Common Firmware Environment - Wikipedia

Use emacs' 44 kfill. Don't use unexplained acronyms and generally write for the 51 hypothetical ignorant but intelligent user who has Broadcom BCM91250E CFE bought a PC, 52 removed Windows, installed Linux and is now recompiling the kernel 53 for the first time.

Tell them what to do if they're unsure. It is good style to include URLs pointing to more 63 Broadcom BCM91250E CFE technical information, pictures of the hardware, etc. Many 70 thanks to all the contributors.

Feel free to use these help texts in 71 your own kernel configuration tools. This is usually 81 known as the "alpha-test" phase among developers. If a feature is 82 currently in alpha-test, then the developers usually discourage 83 uninformed widespread use of this feature by the general public to 84 avoid "Why doesn't this Broadcom BCM91250E CFE

However, active 85 testing and use of these systems is welcomed. Just be aware that it 86 may not meet the normal level of reliability or it may fail to work 87 in some special cases. If you say Y here, you Broadcom BCM91250E CFE be offered the choice of using features or drivers that are currently considered to be in the alpha-test phase.

Obsolete hardware is things like MGA monitors that Broadcom BCM91250E CFE are very unlikely to see on today's systems. If you have a system with only one CPU, like most personal computers, say N. If you have a system with more than one CPU, say Y.

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If you say Broadcom BCM91250E CFE here, the kernel will run on many, but not all, single machines. On a singleprocessor machine, the kernel will run faster if you say N here. Similarly, multiprocessor kernels for the "PPro" architecture may not work on all Pentium based boards.

ZyXEL UNS2700 Network StorageReply via email to
Dell OptiPlex 745c AMD Radeon HD 2400 ProNavigation menu
Hyperdata 2230 VGA
Matrox G550 LP PCIe
Acer Aspire ES1-111M Intel TXE

The "Advanced Power Management" code will be disabled if you say Y here. Linux was originally native to the Inteland runs on all the later x86 processors including the Intel, Pentiums, and various instruction-set-compatible chips by AMD, Cyrix, and others. Alpha Linux dates from and was the first non-x86 Broadcom BCM91250E CFE. They are very widely found in Sun workstations and clones. This port covers the original bit SPARC; it is old and stable and usually considered one of the "big three" along with the Intel and Alpha ports.

: linux sys/Documentation/

It powers recent Macintoshes and also a widely-used series of single-board Broadcom BCM91250E CFE from Motorola. But they powered the first wave of workstation hardware in the s, including Sun workstations; they were also the basis of the original Amiga and later Atari personal computers. A lot of this hardware is still around.


As of early it is not yet in widespread production use. In fact, over 40, simultaneous Linux images have been run on a single mainframe! If your system hangs when init should run, you are probably using a i compiled Broadcom BCM91250E CFE which reads the TSC without checking for availability. Boot without "notsc" and install a i compiled glibc to solve the problem.


Most SMP systems and a small number of uniprocessor systems have one. If you say Y here even though your machine doesn't have a local APIC, then the kernel will Broadcom BCM91250E CFE run with no slowdown at all.

Sputnik Agent Firmware

The messages during boot time can give you some hints here ["man dmesg"]. Everyone needs either a coprocessor or this emulation. This behaviour can Broadcom BCM91250E CFE changed with the kernel command line option "no", which comes handy if your coprocessor is broken. Try "man bootparam" or see the documentation of your boot loader lilo or loadlin about how to pass options to the kernel at boot time. This means that it is a good idea to say Y here if you Broadcom BCM91250E CFE to use this kernel on different machines.

This is mainly useful to kernel hackers who are debugging unstable kernels. The only time you would ever not say Y is to say M Broadcom BCM91250E CFE order to debug the code.

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